Why You Should Be Fit In Today’s World

Halfway during a set in the gym did you ever wonder why you were lifting those heavy weights – or why you were running around without really going anywhere? Exercise is vitally important to the human body and perhaps if you learned why, it could help push you through that final set.


Obviously sleeping well and eating right are crucial to increase your lifts, but an often overlooked area is actually hormonal. Men in particular need to be aware of how to naturally boost your testosterone levels in order to reach that peak performance.

Think of the core muscles in your body as the strong, central link in a chain that connects your upper and lower body, and when you hit that tennis ball or mop the floor at home, all those little motions either originate in your core or move through it. It doesn’t matter where the motion originates; it ripples upward and downward to all the adjoining links in this complex chain, and therefore, a weak or inflexible core not only makes you vulnerable to injury, it can also impair your day-to-day functionality.

A strong core enhances balance and stability, preventing common accidents such as falls during sporting activity. Let’s look at the importance of sustaining a strong core and how it affects your normal activities:


Daily Activities

When you bend to put your shoes on or scoop up your luggage, or when you turn to look behind you when sitting in a chair, you rely on the strength of your core to move with strength, stability and grace. The moment you get out of shape, all these simple tasks become difficult and painful, thus affecting the quality of life.


On-the-job Tasks

If your job involves heavy lifting, a lot of twisting or standing, then your muscles have to be in good shape. Less involving tasks such as sitting at your desk also engage your core, but perhaps not as intensely. Individuals who sit for long hours while typing on a computer also require regular workouts to engage more of their muscles and keep their core strong; and failure to do this can lead to stiffness, which tends to affect the back. Practice good posture and make sure to take breaks.


Sporting Activity

Tennis, swimming, hiking, kayaking, baseball, etc., all these activities are powered by a strong core, and that’s why professional athletes spend so much time in the gym. Even less mentioned activities such as golfing also require regular exercise in order to enhance strength and flexibility.



Activities such as vacuuming, mopping and dusting involve a lot of bending, lifting and carrying, and all these activities either originate or move through the core. Whenever your body gets out of shape even the simplest housework can become exhausting- which again, can be rectified by taking time to keep in shape. Regular exercises are enough to exert your muscles and have them working at their peak; and regular day-to-day activities can be used to keep the body healthy.


A Healthy Back

Back pain can be debilitating and sometimes extremely painful, but the good news is regular core exercises can be used to promote a healthy back. If back pain strikes, try a regimen of core exercises and visit a doctor. Medication works best when coupled with therapy or some type of core exercise.

Weak, unbalanced core muscles can undermine your ability to perform even the simplest tasks, but regular exercise can empower you and have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. Find a way to keep fit and see the difference it makes in your life.