Solving Termite Issues in Your Temporary Accommodation

The good thing about my stay in this place is that it is cheap. Even if I have to face termite problems, I still managed.

When we arrange accommodation for a long trip, we always make sure to find the cheapest one available. We do a little sacrifice because it is just temporary anyway. Unless it is a grand vacation, then we can splurge. However, for a business trip that will be for a while, we have to save a lot of money or else our business will lose a lot. One time, I had to deal with an eight-week trip in another place. If we would book a nice hotel, we might have to spend a lot. Thus, we opted for a cheaper guest house. It looked old, but it was good enough. After all, it would be just for eight weeks.

Upon reaching the place, I thought it would be perfect for us. Apparently, it was not. It was really horrible. It looked older than I thought. The walls were dilapidated and the floor was made from wood. Some of the parts looked broken already. It was a nightmare. However, it was not yet the worst part. After a few days of staying, it was when we found out that there were lots of termites hiding on the walls. We all panicked and tried to sweep them away. They just kept on coming back. It was like one of those horror movies where the protagonists were attacked by insects and they ended up dead. Seriously, I thought that was the end of my life.

The dilemma

We had two choices then. We could either stay and face the problem head on or move to another place and spend again. Unfortunately, I signed a document that forced me to stay until the end. If not, I still had to pay the same amount. I also checked other hotels in the area, but they were all fully booked. Of course, we were on a tight budget. We had no choice but to stay. However, we couldn’t face those termites for several weeks more. This was when I decided to hire a company that did termite control. I knew I would have to spend money for this, but it was better than paying two months worth of hotel stay.

The solution

The good thing was that I found a company that catered to termite related problems. The said termite control taught me how to get rid of termite. This was after they did what they had to do. When I learned about their service, I never hesitated to hire them and asked them to immediately kill those insects. The best thing was that they did not just smoke the place, but also told me what to do to prevent them from coming back. I know this sounds crazy, but I have done the owner of the place a really huge favor. I just thought of it as a gift for letting us stay at such an amount. After all, it was a busy and highly developed city. Thus, every place is expensive. Rest assured, I won’t come back there. However, if you ask me if I regretted my decision, I didn’t. I found a way to solve the problem so I know what to do next time.