Smoking Harms the Environment More than You Know

There are a lot of reasons why smoking can harm the environment and you must be aware of these reasons.

You might think that being a smoker is only harmful to yourself, but not to the environment. You even think that the smoke released from your cigarettes doesn’t necessarily harm the environment. The amount is too small compared with smoke coming from industries and vehicles. If you think about yourself only, then it might be true. However, you also have to consider that there are millions of you out there who smoke. Imagine just how much pollution your combined smoke will make.

The truth about the harms of smoking

You have to understand that there are over 4,000 different chemicals that can be used to create cigarettes. Each time you smoke one, you can release all these chemicals in the atmosphere. In North America alone, 30% of the population are smokers. In other developing countries, the number is even greater. This only means that there is a much bigger amount of pollution released in the air. The worst part is that the trees suffer from air pollution. They are like being suffocated each time you smoke. On a global scale, this is very detrimental.

Aside from air pollution, there are other forms of pollution that could take place because of smoking. Take note that when you smoke, cigarette butts fall on the ground. In California alone, cigarette butts are a huge problem especially when they do a statewide cleanup. Cigarette butts end up in rivers causing clogging and even death of marine life. The others that don’t go straight to the water are absorbed on the ground. Since cigarettes contain tons of chemicals, it might take years for the cigarette butts to decompose. On average, it takes about 25 years.

No to traditional cigarettes

Given all these detrimental effects of cigarettes, it is high time to look for other options. To begin with, you can opt to stop smoking altogether. This might be difficult, but it is possible. A lot of people can attest to that. On the other hand, you might want to shift to e-cigarettes.

They work just like cigarettes, but they don’t contain the actual chemicals present in traditional cigarettes. You are certain that you are not harming the environment in any way because of e-cigs. The base is called e-juice. This contains mainly propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, none of which harms the environment. There are other e-cigs that contain nicotine, but at a very minimal level. This means that you don’t harm the environment in any way even if you smoke regularly. The best part is that you also help yourself along the way. You keep yourself out of those harmful and even deadly chemicals. You also get rid of the bad flavor that comes with smoking as you can choose from many different flavors. You also don’t annoy other people if you smoke in front of them as you are technically not smoking.

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