Safe Cycling and A Greener Way of Traveling

As most of you may have surmised from my scattered posts about keeping the earth a cleaner place, that I have become bit of a cycling enthusiast over the years. Not only is cycling to work a great excuse for an exercise, but it is also VERY Earth-friendly method of travel, which I feel like we all can get behind! However, I didn’t want this to be ANOTHER post about why cycling is amazing and the healthy living benefits of a cycling workout or how it helps us lower our carbon footprint. Instead, today I wanted to focus on your safety. There is always the risk of something going wrong, so I am asserting right now that the size and fit of your helmet is literally a lifesaver (in addition to a bright taillights). I myself have gone through many brands, shapes and sizes in my quest to find the best helmet. I would like to post a review of the best bicycle helmets on the market right now made from recycled material. I suggest that you do your research and buy the best helmet for you right now.

BestĀ Helmets Made From Recycled Material

1) Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet: The Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet is my current choice of for the best helmet and has been for the past couple of months. I have found that my cranium happens to be a perfect fit for the helmet’s shape. The helmet has been tested to withstand 500 pounds of pressure, one of the highest I’ve seen throughout my research. That knowledge makes me feel comfortable on the road. Additionally, the Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet is perfect for what I use it for; cycling. If you’re a BMX biker, they also have the BMX helmet. I just love how lightweight and durable the helmet is.

2) Netti Pilot Light Helmet: The Netti Pilot Light Helmet is the sister to the Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet. It has the same structural shape, but is about 50% lighter. This helmet is best suited for the petite.

3) DRS Helmet: If you’re a fashionista, the DRS helmet is not only stylish, coming in over 50 colors, but truly engineered for safety. What I like about DRS helmets is the fact that it covers your entire head. Your ears, the back of your neck and most of your forehead is covered in the DRS’s protective shield. Regardless of that amount of cover, you still look great gliding along the streets.

4) Avanti Cycling Helmet: The tapered visor in the front of the Avanti Cycling Helmet makes this an amazing helmet to wear in both sunny and rainy weather. The visor is such a great help when it comes to both shading your eyes, and keeping them dry in drizzle. The helmet is contoured for speed, so this is a great helmet choice for those with a quick paced ride.

5) Inferno Attack Shield Helmet: If you couldn’t guess from the name, this helmet means serious business. The helmet is constructed from a multi-layer cranial protective system, which means inside the helmet there are layers upon layers of materials to protect you. Remarkably, the helmet is one of the most breathable on the market, considering the amount of layers. Believe me, if you’ve got a long ride ahead of you, a breathable helmet might be top on the list of safety purchases!

Be safe and happy riding, everyone!