Top Three Places to See on a Trip to Japan

Japan – often called Land of the Rising Sun.  It is a land of rich history, culture and traditions.  There are many beautiful and exotic places to visit in Japan, but we will focus on three that you should not overlook when visiting this country.


This is the one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan because of the many historical sites that have been well preserved.  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has named 15 of these sites as World Heritage sites.  For more than one thousand years, this city was once Japan’s imperial capital ( from 794 to 1868), and has many undamaged temples that tell the story of Japan’s feudal history.  It is often called the City of Ten Thousand Shrines.

The city of Kyoto has 400 Shinto shrines which means “place of the god.”  These shrines were used to house sacred objects and keep them safe.  1600 Buddhist temples are also make up the city of Kyoto, along with gardens and palaces that are still architecturally sound.  Some of the shrines house tombs of emperors.

Fuji Hakone Izu National Park

This area is known for its beautiful rustic spas, hot springs, botanical gardens, lakes, and mountains.  Also located there are the Izu Peninsula, Izu Islands, Fuji Five Lakes, and the famous Mount Fuji.  The park is one of the first four national parks established in Japan.

Mount Fuji is an active stratovolcano which is the highest mountain in Japan, at 12,389 feet.  Its last known eruption was between 1707 and 1708.  The mountain is reverenced by the Japanese and climbers often consider it a rite of passage or ritual to make this pilgrimage.

Owakudani, also called the Great Boiling Valley,  is located in the Hakone area. It is full of active hot springs and sulphur vents.  The way many people gain access to this valley is by hiking a trail or taking the Hakone Ropeway.  The Japanese have a ritual of eating eggs boiled in the hot springs.  The eggs smell slightly like sulphur and they turn black. It is believed that eating these eggs will increase your life by seven years.

These are just a few of the places of interest within the National Park.  There are many more tourist areas around the region.

Mount Koya

This small secluded town is the place to go to experience Shingon Buddhism which is a Buddhist sect.  You can stay overnight at a temple lodging and experience a monk’s lifestyle including how they eat and worship.  There are about 50 temples that provide this service for visitors as well as pilgrims.  There are monasteries and temples and a large ancient cemetery, frequently called “Shangri-la,” deep inside of a mountainside forest.  In this sacred place, you will get a deep sense of Japanese religious traditions and spirituality.

Innovation in Japan

Japan is a beautiful land filled with majestic temples and awesome history!  We have named several of the top places to visit, but there are many more.  Also, take time out to view some of the rice paddies which feature rice paddy art.  This type of art uses various strains of rice plants to make pictures in the fields, and has been around since the 1990s.

Rice is an important staple in the Japanese culture.  Of course, we cannot mention rice without suggesting that you try the well-known Japanese cuisine.  Rice is an important staple in Japan and the Japanese were the first to develop the electric rice cooker also called suihanki.

There is so much to learn about this amazing country!

The new Wax Museum Exhibition in Bahrain

I really enjoy travelling to various parts of the world to see different people and cultures. One of the things that really try to take care of is to not disturb or pollute the new environment I am visiting. One of the biggest pollutants in today’s world is air travel. A round trip trans Atlantic flight creates 2 metric tons of carbon emissions per passenger. I’ve tried to find alternative means to travel, but there isn’t really any other realistic way to cross the Atlantic. Ships take way too long and eventually the carbon footprint per person isn’t that different after weeks of travelling by sea.

I recently traveled to Bahrain to see the the latest wax museum exhibition hosted by the ruler there. I was always fascinated by Royal families and their habits. Living in a democratic nation, the stories about kinds and princesses sounded like fairy tales, so I decided to give them a visit to see for myself. The wax museum show a rich history of their country and the royal family. The King of Bahrain has led the country through a decade of modernization which made the the place look like a jigsaw puzzle of old and new things. One of the things that I found out during my stay was that they have introduced a state of the art recycling program in their country. Every where I went, I saw recycling bins and instructions to citizens to recycle. They even awarded tax credits to people who actively recycled their trash. Its a great idea that that we should adopt in the west as well.

During my second week in Bahrain, the taxi I was travelling in got into a minor accident. The impact of the accident caused a whiplash injury in my lower neck. I went to the hospital to get treatment and got several X-Rays and MRI scans done to get everything checked out. Medical costs in the Middle East are really high and I started thinking about getting financial compensation from the person who hit my car and cause the whiplash injury. After several meetings with various lawyers and doctors, I was able to get all my medical bills taken care of and I decided to start my journey back to the United States.

Once I got back, I started looking at other alternative treatment options that were not available in Bahrain. US has a really advanced chiropractic facilities so I went to see a chiropractor who recommended a chiropractic treatment plan to help resolve my whiplash pain issues. After 3 weeks of continuous treatment, I was finally pain free and could move on with my life.

Even though my visit to Bahrain ended up with an accident, I still enjoyed my time there seeing so many different things.  I am now planning my second trip to the Middle East. I have so heard so many good things about Dubai, so it’s next on my to-visit list.  Dubai is hosting the next annual Eco-Environmental Conference, so I’m looking forward to seeing some like minded people in the region.

Carbon Emissions

Do you ever wonder about your carbon footprint? I know that I do. I do not like flying because I know what damage it is doing. I really do not know many ways to get around without using a car, bus, or plane. If you have a long commute to work. It is impossible to ride a bike. The most common way we travel is by our automobiles. I think that is probably they way 90 percent of the world travels. If you drive everyday. I am here to help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few simple things will help out.

If you drive a diesel engine vehicle that will help. They generally have around 15-20 percent lower carbon emission. In Europe diesel cars are very popular. If you live in the United States finding one is a lot harder. Anyone who can afford a diesel car is actually helping. The only thing is that diesel fuel cost more than gasoline.

Having a hybrid car generally has a 25 percent lower carbon emission. This type of car has a gas and battery motor. When the car is at lower speeds it will use the battery and not gas. These are highly popular now. They also get better gas mileage. So you will pay less at the pump. So you are actually saving money too. I know that most are really small. A lot people worry about their safety. I drive one and a truck hit me at a red light. I was fine and so was the car. I had many Anniston attorneys contact me to make sure. They have many different types of hybrid vehicles. They even have hybrid trucks. So even truck lovers can get a hybrid too. Just remember truck or car you will be safe.

Electric cars are starting to become popular. Having one of these is ideal. They are only in major cities at the moment. Also finding charging stations are scarce. They are growing in popularity though. These are higher end cars. Your average person cannot afford one. They cost a lot of money. I guess it is a small price to pay for a small carbon footprint.

Another gas powered way to go is by motorcycle. They have very small engines. Which means they produce less emissions. They produce less than hybrids too. The only thing is that many people do not like dealing with the elements. So if its hot outside that means your ride will be too. Having a motorcycle you will save money at the pump too. So financially this is the way to go. Because motorbikes cost a lot less than any car.

You can also work from home. If you can then you would not have to leave as often. Which means a smaller carbon footprint. It is possible to have an online career today. I know someone who works with a hosted PBX provider. A lot of their customers work from their home. So I know it can be done.

Choose the Right Destination for an Eco-Friendly Travel

When traveling, the first thing you need to consider is how far you need to go.  There are forms of transportation that have effects on the change in climate. To lessen the bad effects of toxic emissions, it is better to choose a place to travel that is close or any other place that you can go to without taking a plane. Choose places that practice continual development, as these places do not have bad effects on the environment or ecological nature of the place. There are quite a number of travel agencies that are now offering holiday travels that support travel destinations that practice continual development of their local area. Some of these destinations are considered green spots.

Best way to get to your destination

The best way to get to your destination the environment friendly way is to travel by land and not by air. Try not to get into short distance flights. But if you have no other recourse but to fly to your destination, the best choice is to choose a flight that has a bigger occupancy as these are more environmentally efficient.

There are hotels and other accommodations that offer environmentally friendly amenities. Often these accommodations have a ‘green’ way of handling and disposing of waste and garbage. Some of them even use solar power panels that help the venue become energy efficient.

When it comes to water, the water ionizers reviews site has a thorough review of the aqua ionizer deluxe 7 like the one that you can click here. It makes it safe to drink water from the tap.

Whenever you choose an environment-friendly tourist destination to go to, you certainly have the power to make a difference and contribute something good for planet Earth.

Be respectful of the environment

While on walkway, avoid walking on grass and plants and avoid uprooting them. Littering in public, especially in nature inspired tourist destinations is harmful to the ecology. Having a tourist guide who is well-versed on environment issues and is willing to disseminate information to tourists will surely help a lot. Trying to conserve and save as much water as you can will allow you and the people you are with to use more water for other purposes. You can save water by taking showers than soaking in a bath tub or by using an aqua ionizer to be able to drink water from the tap.

Waste disposal management

Flushing of different types of paper products like cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, tampons and also of condoms and other rubberized products will cause clogs in the drain. Try to limit the use of energy emitting appliances like air-conditioning and lights by simply turning them off when leaving your accommodations.

For those people who are into sports and other recreational activities, there are some environment-friendly tourist destinations that offer the epic soccer training program from this site. This training program offers training sessions that do not harm or destroy the environment.

All your drinking bottles can be recycled by returning them where you purchased them so they can be brought to a recycling plant.

Criteria in Choosing Cheap but Environment-friendly Chandeliers

There are a lot of chandeliers available if you wish to redecorate your house. They also come in different sizes and styles. Whatever theme you have in mind, for sure you can find one that fits your requirements. However, most chandeliers come with a price. This is true especially for larger chandeliers or the ones made from more expensive materials. Thus, if you are searching for something cheap, you need to set certain criteria. Rest assured, if you research well enough, you can find one that is perfect for you.

Aside from the price, you might also consider buying items that are environment-friendly. Take note that there are choices that look fabulous, but are made out of materials that do not hurt the planet. Thus, while you are already choosing for cheap chandeliers, why not give environment-friendly chandeliers a try?

  • Go for second-hand chandeliers. There are shops that buy old chandeliers from home owners and try to refurbish them. They make the chandelier look new again. Some others retain the vintage effect, which is loved by many. Since they are second hand items, they are a lot cheaper. The best part is that there is not much new material added that could use resources again.
  • Look for chandeliers made out of recycled materials. There are chandeliers that buy raw materials from second hand stores. This means that old crystals or other materials needed for chandelier making are utilized. Thus, no new items are being wasted along the way. Of course, they are cheaper too.
  • Find new chandeliers made from scrap materials. They are not necessarily old materials, but they are low cost, but still amazing. You can find chandeliers made from cans, bottles, pins, plastic caps, scrapped metals and many others. Despite this fact, they still look amazing. In fact, if they are made by someone who really has passion in designing chandeliers, they will look really fantastic.
  • Buy old chandeliers and have them redesigned by an artist. If you are an artist, then you can do the refurbishing by yourself. Instead of going to second hand stores, you can check out some old houses, hotels or resorts that could potentially sell their old chandeliers. If they have antique value, then it is an even better choice. This might be a laborious task, but once it is over, it is totally worth it.

Now that you have found some tips on how to get the best environment friendly chandeliers, go ahead and start moving now. If you really want designer chandeliers at a very low price, check this out. You might also want to visit a lighting store in Perth at for more details about cheap but high quality lights.

If you have successfully chosen a recycled chandelier at a low cost, then you have achieved all your objectives. This is very satisfying. You can even add more chandeliers for some other areas of your home especially if you have bought one at a very affordable price. Just make sure that quality is not sacrificed along the way.

Traveling Safely with Your Guns!

Even for people who are legally permitted to own a firearm it is extremely important that they check the state and local laws for each area they will travel through during their journey. Following are some tips from the National Rifle Association and the Transportation Security Association (TSA) to help guide you when transporting guns. This is just a quick summary – be sure to check out those website to be sure you are really complying with all applicable laws.

Legally Driving With Guns

First and most importantly, you need to be sure you understand the laws where you are going to traveling but in the majority of states it is legal to drive with a weapon provided that the unloaded weapon is kept in a locked case not within immediate reach. The trunk is the best bet and you are unlikely to run into any issues if it’s stored there.

If the vehicle is a motor home or storage/living space is directly accessible to the driver then things become more tricky. Technically speaking this amounts to carrying a concealed firearm as the driver could potentially have quick access to the weapon. You need to ensure that the weapon is cased and locked in a rear compartment, glove compartments can count as being accessible.

It’s also advisable to carry copies of your documentation with you when driving with a firearm.

Flying With Guns

Rules vary between those set by the airlines and the TSA – but if you follow these pointers to the letter you should be in the clear. If there’s any doubt check with the airline before turning up at the airport, and it’s wise anyway to review their website and check that there’s no new restrictions been set by the TSA too.

You need to use a heavy duty case that can be secured by multiple padlocks, and whatever happens don’t use easily broken locks on the case – they’re not secure and so it’s really illegal! Buying a safe meant to store firearms properly can be the simplest way to take care of this requirement. It may cost more than trying to rig something up yourself but it’s probably worth the peace of mind. Really you ought to read this article on buying the right safe for the right price is a good place to save some money!

The keys to whatever container you choose must be in possession only of the person licensed to the weapon. It’s fine to store other items such as cameras with the gun, and incidentally expensive scopes can be taken as hand luggage.

Ammunition should be kept in a secured box but it’s fine to be placed in the same case as the weapon. Make sure that the gun is unloaded before securing (very important).

Upon arrival at the check-in desk politely inform the agent that you have secured firearms in the case. Sometimes the TSA will be right with you, other times it may take a while. Don’t wander off for a coffee leaving the case unattended – wait by the desk until they are with you unless instructed otherwise.

The TSA will apply an orange sticker to case once it’s been checked over. It’s good manner to hand around a few minutes in case they need access unexpectedly but most times they shouldn’t. If you arrive at the destination and the locks have been broken – report it right away and demand an explanation. It won’t do you any good but at least shows you’re a responsible gun owner. If anything is missing inform the airline and TSA immediately, threatening to call it an interstate theft of firearms is a good way of speeding them up!

Best Travel Destinations For Bow Hunting

Bow hunters’ approach to traveling is a little different from that of other travelers. Most bow hunters enjoy not only the sport of hunting, but the beauty of the nature of the surrounding wooded area. Many hunters enjoy being out in the woods that they hunt in and combine their sport with their travels.  This gives them a certain respect for the wildlife and the wooded area. The majority of them are very cautious of fires, trash or any type of chemicals that could harm or damage precious environment. They are aware that one careless mistake with a match or a cigarette could totally destroy the entire area including the game and the woods that the wildlife has made into their home. So as they are planning their next traveling adventure, ther are also planning their next hunting trip. Here are 3 beautiful places that many hunters travel to, so they can enjoy their time with our beautiful earth.


Many bow hunters have their favorite place for hunting.  One of the top known areas for bow hunting is in Arizona.  Northern Arizona with its beautiful pine trees and mountain type terrain offers home to many large elk, deer, jack rabbits and smaller game such as doves and quails.  This vast variety is appealing to many hunters who gather in the peaceful woods to hunt for their game to take home as their proof of their successful hunting trip.  There are normally an array of pictures taken with the hunter, holding his bow or hunting crossbow and standing proudly by his kill.


Another location that seems to be popular for bow hunting is Colorado.  In Colorado, archery season for the hunters is normally August and September for elk and deer. For the newer hunter or the hunters that are not familiar with the area, this state has companies that will offer guided hunts.  There are hunts that are totally on foot and others that can be done from horse back.  There are experienced archery hunters that will lead you out to an area where you can hunt safely.  They know how to blast their calls to make the elk answer them, so either the elk will come to you or their call will bring you out to them.


Montana is another popular choice for many hunters.  Montana offers white tail deer, mule deer, elk and antelope for the big archery game hunters.  Many hunters will gear up with their special bow and excitedly make the trip in hopes to bag their big game.  Montana offers a prosperous growth of vegetation for the animals to eat and a supply of water that keeps their survival needs well taken care of.  Many feel that a hunt in Montana is well worth the trip.

When these hunters are gearing up to head for the woods the most important item to them is their  quality hunting bow that with their skill and aim is going to help them to bag that awesome trophy from their hunt.  Every hunter knows that it is vital that they have the proper hunting bow, or their trip will not be successful.  Some others say it is the quietness that the bow shoots, while others will say that the most important aspect of their bow selection is how fast it will shoot.  No matter what a hunter’s preference may be, they all agree that having the proper equipment to perform the big hunt is the most important decision that any of them can make. So as they are traveling on our beautiful earth, they make sure that their quality hunting bow or crossbow is carefully packed.


Green Hotels Use ‘Eco friendly’ Water Softeners

The human race has not done the right thing by Mother Nature as we continue to live off the earth at the cost of the environment. We can all do our part, and one thing that you can do is continually assess whether the appliances in your home are doing harm, or good.

A very common household appliance, which is also used in hostels and hotels around the world, is the water softening system. Water softening systems can either be great or terrible for the environment, depending on what type of system is being used.

Next time you’re on a world expedition, take notice of your accommodation provider and the type of water softening system that they are using. If you want to reduce your travelling footprint and do your part for the earth, aim to support accommodation providers who do the right thing, and who are using the right equipment. A great way to gauge this is by actively looking for green accommodation providers.

A great water softener is the one that will serve you right by proving quality, value and is eco-friendly. By choosing an eco-friendly water softener, you are sure that you’ve made a good choice to safeguard both your life and the environment. An eco-friendly system ensures a reduction in home energy consumption, together with extended appliance life cycles, which adds up to saving on cost.

The best eco-friendly water softeners use include the following options, which is exactly what you will find in ‘green hotels’:

(1) Salt free water softeners

The minerals in the hard water are retained in water; they alter the chemical structure of water minerals through the descaling process, which prevents solids from depositing in pipes and water-using fixtures. They cost less to operate and do not require any maintenance, meaning they provide you with an excellent water purification service for a long time. They are economic friendly because they do not use salt or chemicals, which can lead to environmental degradation.

(2) Magnetic water treatment

This is a non-chemical water softening process, whereby strong neodymium magnets are used to reduce scale formation with hard water. The magnetic water treatment directs water to pass through a strong magnetic field. It does not remove calcium from the water, but rather, it changes the structure of the deposits that form, making them less aggressive. A great magnetic system to consider is the Clearwave water conditioner/softener as it’s small, powerful and will not negatively impact the environment.

(4) Liquid dosing softeners

It is a non-conventional water softener that eliminates the need for salt and the need to regenerate. The calcium minerals are not replaced nor removed; they are simply made less available for deposit formation. The liquid dosing softeners are readily biodegradable and non-toxic; they allow homeowners to enjoy softened water without the use of a conventional softener.

(5) Capacitive de-ionization

This technology does not need salt dosing for regeneration, its uptime can be improved and maintenance intervals and costs lowered. The water flows in between positive and negative electrodes, which is where ions are attracted and pulled and collected on the electrodes. This method is eco-friendly because it saves electricity by reusing the energy stored in the electrodes during desalination. Moreover, this process does not need any chemicals such as biocides or anti-scalants.

(6) Template assisted crystallization

A saltless water softener that involves transforming normal dissolved hardness minerals into dissolved crystals. These crystals stay suspended in the water and have a greatly reduced ability to react or attach to surface like the normal hard water. What makes this water softener eco-friendly is that it does not require discharge water, regeneration, wastewater, disposal costs, and has zero pollution.

Finally, water is life and in the process of softening water, you should consider methods that do not endanger our environment. That’s why you should consider the available eco-friendly water softeners available in the market. Get access to clean soft water, live a healthy life, and help keep the environment safe.

Remember the above systems and why they are so great when travelling abroad:  you always have the power to change someones mind through education.

Ecofriendly Watersports

In the past I’ve discussed the importance of thinking about the environment while we’re travelling. In this post I’m going to drill down and suggest a few watersports that are ecofriendly.

There are many popular watersports that have negative effect on the environment. Pretty much anything that involves a motor is going to be carbon-emitting to some extent, and things like boat trips and jet skis can also be devastating to marine life. There are dozens of studies out there that suggest that watersports are harmful for a wide variety of reasons. this overview on the topic states that noise, rapid movement, and pollution all have impacts on marine wildlife and water quality.

Now, I’m not saying that nobody should ever get on a boat or ride a jet ski. As long as these activities are done in moderation, in the grand scheme of things the overall impact is probably negligible. However, I do believe that there are a number of equally enjoyable activities that have less of a negative impact on the environment. The activities that I’m about to suggest are also healthier for the participants.

• Sailing – Learning how to sail a boat can be a lot of fun – you pick up a tremendous amount of knowledge about the sea and the wind, and it’s a great mix of relaxation and physical exertion. While sailing can disturb the water, the effect it has is less than that of a motorized boat because sailboats move slower and are smaller than most boats that have motors. If you want to learn how to sail, it’s essential that you have a qualified instructor show you the ropes. While I don’t sail myself, it seems like this guide may be useful for beginner sailors.
• Surfing – Surfing is the best watersport for the adrenaline junkies out there. There’s a reason why there’s an entire surfing subculture. People who learn how to surf and get good at it almost always end up falling in love with the sport. I’m a reasonably good surfer myself, but for beginners, I’d recommend trying a standup paddle board. These boards are basically surfboards, but you also use a paddle for added stability and balance. If you’re reasonably athletic and you’re not afraid of wiping out, you might want to just jump right to a regular surfboard. If you’re looking to rent or buy any kind of surfing equipment, I recommend you read up on the subject – you can read about the best surfboard for your particular needs here. Some surfers won’t leave shore without a good knife strapped to their ankle — research the best survival knives here.
• Windsailing/Windsurfing – For those of you who find sailing too tranquil and surfing too exciting, windsurfing (or windsailing) is falls right in the middle. Windsurfing is one of those things that looks easy on paper but is actually pretty difficult. If you’re committed to trying this, you should expect to spend plenty of time in the water. On the other hand, once you get the hang of it, having the wind in your sail can be a pretty exciting feeling, and even though you’re not moving that fast in absolute terms, when you’re out there on the water it can feel like you’re going a million miles an hour if you have a strong wind at your back. Here’s a reasonably good Wikihow article on windsurfing.
• Good old fashioned swimming – whatever happened to just swimming? It’s probably the most environmentally friendly watersports, and it’s almost definitely the healthiest. Swimming, especially if you’re near the coast, is very environmentally friendly. Usually marine wildlife will avoid areas where there are a lot of humans. The creatures that do live near the coast will be used to all the activity, so your swimming normally won’t be a disturbance.

So, the next time you go to the beach, consider a few of these healthy, more environmentally friendly activities. Not all watersports have to involve a motor.

A Couple of Environmentally Friendly Holiday Activities

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I love travelling – but I also try to keep the environmental impact of all the various methods of transportation that I use in mind. Things like trying to minimize travelling via plane, taking buses/trains rather than driving yourself, and of course, my own natural inclination towards cycling whenever I’m travelling – all these things help to keep from harming this wonderful planet that we live in.

However, it’s not just the modes of transportation that can harm the environment – many different tourist activities also have some impact in terms of carbon use and pollution. Many common tourist activities are damaging to the environment. For example, anything that involves riding on a boat will take some toll on the planet, due to the use of oil and gas (and hence carbon). Boats (and many water sports like jet skiing) also have an impact on the marine wildlife in the surrounding areas. I’m something of an adventurous soul myself, and there are a range of activities that are still very adventurous (and extremely fun) that are far less damaging to the environment

I know that in this country, a great many people are fans of hunting. Trips to sanctioned hunting areas are exceedingly common in this country. Frankly, I find the entire idea of hunting repulsive – I just don’t understand why anyone would ever want to harm a perfectly innocent animal. If you’re a hunter, I strongly encourage you to try shooting at a range instead. As you can probably imagine, I’m not really a fan of guns, but I do occasionally go to an archery range. Hunting is a despicable activity. Going to a shooting range or an archery range is safer and you don’t have to kill any animals in the process.

I looked around on the web and found this site, which is full of recurve bow recommendations. I urge you to go pick out a Recurve bow and get rid of your guns. The next time you have the immoral urge to kill an innocent creature, take your new bow and go target shooting. I fully endorse the practice of shooting bows/guns at targets. It’s a humane alternative to the barbaric ritual that is hunting.

Another great way to spend time when you’re on holiday is to go rock hounding. Other than the drive to and from the location that you’re rock hounding in, this is a completely environmentally friendly tourist activity. While looking around for rocks may not sound like a whole lot of fun, I’ve done this myself and it makes for a great little outing. If you have kids, it can also be highly educational – I’m on board with any activity that can help people better understand the wonderful world that we live in. Rock hounding is a great little introduction to some basic geology. It’s also a great excuse to go outdoors, get some fresh air, and do a bit of light exercise. The best part of rock hounding is when you spot a rock or stone that looks particularly unique. Your mind will start buzzing, and you’ll begin to wonder whether or not the stone you found is valuable. Nine times out of 10, you’ve probably not picked up anything truly rare. On the other hand, taking a bag full of rocks back to the hotel and trying to identify them can be a great deal of fun (especially if you’re naturally curious about the world like I am). I used the identification chart on semi precious stones guide the last time I went rock hounding, and although I didn’t actually find anything even remotely valuable, it was both an educational and entertaining way to spend the day. I highly recommend getting a guide as well. Many of these rock hounding guides don’t cost a lot, and they’re really passionate about the rocks and stones, so you end up getting a really good experience.

Other eco-friendly tourist activities include hiking, bird-watching, and camping. If you’re vacationing in an urban area, try to rent a bicycle and ride around the city rather than driving. If you like doing stuff in the water, opt for swimming, surfing, windsurfing or sailing – something that doesn’t involve a motor. All it takes to help the planet out is a little more consideration and planning on your part. If everybody decided that they would try to live in a environmentally sustainable way, the world would be a much better place.