Move Away from Chemical Fragrances and Embrace Essential Oils

A Simple Calling for Scent

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the enjoyment I draw from the smells I encounter long the way.

Some people are sight oriented, while others prefer to tune into the sounds of their surroundings. But for me, well… just give me a distinctive smell to indulge in, and I’m yours.

Delightful scents are what make me tick. And though I love them with all my heart, I’m a tad sensitive to strong smells – especially perfumes.

Perhaps this is a result of my overwhelming inclination towards sense stimuli. I sometimes wonder if I was a bloodhound in my past life… Every now and then a scent pulls me in, as if it were an invisible rope, while other times the first whiff can send me running straight for the hills.

I was born and raised in the West. And I do love to return home at times. But the West can be so abrasive to the senses. Everything is right in your face. The sights, the sounds, the smells… It can be overwhelming.

While I can withstand much of what’s coming out of the cultural West, there’s a few things I just can’t bear. One in particular – those cheap, incredibly synthetic and overwhelmingly aromatic colognes and perfumes. There’s that one brand… Axe? Oh my…

How we’ve lost our way – aromatically speaking

Part of the reason I travel abroad is to escape the trappings of the West. But more and more I’m reminded of my oft troubled America as I plant my feet abroad. And in particular, it’s in those instances that I’m accosted with those synthetic scents that my mind is catapulted right back home.

I’m currently in India. And for whatever reason, in this land of Lotus and Sandalwood, I have suddenly begun to encounter men – young and old – bearing that repugnant scent reminiscent of Axe Body Spray.

It’s appalling. Not only to my nose, but to my intellect.

So here I am. Casting my idealist net out on the world wide web in hopes that I can nudge a few people towards the sweet smells of genuine plants and aromatics for their personal perfumes – and to avoid those synthetic chemical laden scent permutations (read: abominations) completely.

A Clear Call for Essential Oils

Essential oils are a fantastic starting point. We’ve evolved as a species with the natural scents of plants. And with modern technology we’re able to distill concentrates of their therapeutic constituents – as well as their tantalizing aromas.

Now, even though I’ve ragged a bit on perfume and cologne wearers – I too dabble in adornment of personal scents.

I often wear Sandalwood while out on the streets. Or if I’m looking to make a professional impression, I use the tanginess of lemon essential oil. There are hundreds of essential oils – and thousands of mixtures -within aromatherapy to choose from.

In future I will dig more into specific scents with you. But today I just wanted to get some things of my chest while I had a few minutes in my rented dwelling here in India.

I wish you the best.