Making the Trek to Santiago de Compostela Your Life’s Mission

There is a dilemma to modern travel. In order to get away from it all, you have to really go very far. You should visit a place which is far enough that you would no longer care about access to the Internet, or to cable TV, or even a tablet and a phone. However, getting there involves not just a lot of planning and resources, it would also make a big carbon footprint.

The reality is that there is almost no place worth visiting which does not have Internet or WiFi. Those few places worth visiting which don't have WiFi are usually hard to reach, and may not be worth the trouble of getting there.

Suffice it to say, today's intrepid traveler is no longer interested in adventure or even in immersing himself in a foreign culture. A whiff of it would do just fine, for a lot of people. Travelers want the modern comforts of home wherever they go – and sometimes even pack everything to make sure that they have it. Some adventurers have been known to bring an air compressor with them. The best small air compressors are portable and less noisy than industrial ones.

Among those things to do or to visit, which still do not make use of a lot of gas and fuel, there is still the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage can be done on foot or on a bicycle. The routes have been marked by centuries of tradition. You can start walking from the Netherlands, or from the French side of the mountains. This might have more meaning for Catholics, compared to non-Catholics, although there have been instances where non-Catholics have taken the pilgrimage.

A lot shorter, and a lot closer to creature comforts is the walk through the Appalachians. It is a quiet walk in the Appalachian Mountains in what is called the Appalachian trail. This has been used by people for the past two centuries as a way to walk, principally from the south going north. It continues to be used by people who want to find their way, for some soul searching. It has also been used by people who have lost their jobs, and would want a new beginning somehow.

A pilgrimage or a long walk gives a person the time to get lost in thought talking to himself. Or it can be an opportunity to have a different perspective, and discussing with other people you meet along the way. It can go either way, really. Some people would rather walk alongside total strangers, and share ideas. Others would rather walk alone and get their own personal demons time to leave.

The great outdoors also force us to think in terms of what to give back to nature. It forces a person to keep the trash, and be conscientious about rubbish and waste. Bringing an air compressor like the viair 00088 88p portable air compressor isn't such a bad idea if it's really needed. It can be kept in the hotel or serviced apartment for a variety of uses. It can prove useful in a large campsite, too.

The Santiago de Compostela trail is still fresh as it was before. It is no longer undeveloped as it was during the Depression. It is now only underdeveloped. The trail is a throwback to the days before the interstate highway system. It can also be said that it has brought about a lot of writing, in short stories, poetry, and novels.

What the Trail does still provide is a refuge for those who need to go out and get away from the modern world. A month walking the trail can give a different perspective on things for someone who seeks it.