Environmentally Friendly Knife Care 

Being environmentally friendly does not happen with a single act.  Rather, it involves living in such a way that you are conscious about your footprint.  As a result, there are countless things that you can do to live in a more responsible way.  From better ways to travel around the world to simple things in your own home, there are always opportunities to improve.

Lets take a moment to examine the benefits of sharpening your knives.  As well as allowing them to last longer before having to be replaced, you can also find environmentally safe techniques to sharpen them.  Lets take a moment to review some of the ways sharpening your knives can help the environment.

The Benefits of Using Natural Sharpening Stones Over Electrical Sharpeners

Natural sharpening stones in all shapes and sizes.  They are what people have used for countless generations stretching back to the first metal tools.  Since then, they have been improved and perfected.  Electrical knife sharpeners on the other hand are newer and less proven.  Depending on the model you purchase (you can explore options here), you run the risk of them breaking down which creates additional garbage.  In addition, you should consider the amount of electricity that an electric knife sharpener will require.  With repeated use, you will increase your home’s electrical consumption on a task that does not require electricity.

Natural Materials

There are a number of industries that cater to natural stone sharpening businesses.  These industries use stone to create a product that is reliable, durable, and all natural.  Instead of plastics, heavy metals in microchips, and parts that will slowly break down, natural stone knife sharpeners are solid, dependable, and long lasting.  You can have a working knife sharpening stone for decades before it gets to the point where it should be replaced.  And, when it comes time to replace your stone knife sharpener, you do not need to place the broken model in the trash.  Rather, because it is a stone, it can simply go in your yard or around your house.  Instead of adding some new trash to the world, you return a reliable tool back to the environment where it came in such a way that it will cause no further damage.  In addition, you have a number of different choices when it comes to where you buy your stones.

It is easy to argue that worrying about knife sharpening is taking your goal towards being environmentally aware too far.  The truth is, that to be environmentally aware and active, you have to work on ensuring that what you buy is the best possible product.  Buying a stone knife sharpener means supporting a company and an industry that is a better alternative to electric knife sharpening companies.  It sends a clear message that more environmentally friendly products will be preferred over those that waste, even if they are more expensive.