Doing House Chores for Stress Relief

Doing House Chores for Stress ReliefTo be inspired as an interior designer, traveling has become an integral part of my daily activities. Though I have an office space, I see to it that I move around before the day ends. A walk in the park would suffice if the schedule were really tight. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time traveling different parts of the world. Aside from being inspired to create new designs, it also makes me feel relaxed.

Sadly though, traveling does not always help me. There are instances when I try so hard to get design inspirations, but I just can’t. I acknowledge that this happens because I am so stressed out. It could be because of a demanding client or a deadline that is fast approaching. When I am bothered by a lot of things, I really can’t let the best in me come out. In times like this, I stay inside the house, turn off all my electronic devices and start cleaning up the house.


Beyond compare

There are a lot of people who hate household chores. The thought of doing it makes them lazy. I am not like these people. In fact, I love cleaning up the house. It releases all the negative energies within me. The best part is when I see the results of what I have done. It makes me forget all other problems I am facing.

One of my most favorite tasks at home involves the use of a chainsaw. I enjoy cutting wood to be used for furniture or for the fireplace. Of course, I don’t want to cut trees, but there are instances wherein it is necessary. If a storm is approaching, huge trees that could pose danger should be cut. This is when I take out my giant chainsaw and start the job. Growing up in a small town, I was taught how to deal with chainsaws and other tough items normally guys deal with. I have been using it for many years now and I am no longer terrified of the danger it poses. Once I am done, it gives me total relief and comfort.

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Back to work

When everything is over, I can go back to work and be inspired again. People dread cleaning the house. I don’t feel the same way. I feel a lot better when I see that the place where I live in looks just amazing. I have tried this strategy many times and I always feel the same way. You can give it a try and see how it affects your mood and your attitude towards your job. Being an interior designer is not easy. You have to find the techniques that will make you feel better and be more inspired in life. Otherwise, you will get stuck and run out of ideas.