Safe Cycling and A Greener Way of Traveling

As most of you may have surmised from my scattered posts about keeping the earth a cleaner place, that I have become bit of a cycling enthusiast over the years. Not only is cycling to work a great excuse for an exercise, but it is also VERY Earth-friendly method of travel, which I feel like we all can get behind! However, I didn’t want this to be ANOTHER post about why cycling is amazing and the healthy living benefits of a cycling workout or how it helps us lower our carbon footprint. Instead, today I wanted to focus on your safety. There is always the risk of something going wrong, so I am asserting right now that the size and fit of your helmet is literally a lifesaver (in addition to a bright taillights). I myself have gone through many brands, shapes and sizes in my quest to find the best helmet. I would like to post a review of the best bicycle helmets on the market right now made from recycled material. I suggest that you do your research and buy the best helmet for you right now.

Best Helmets Made From Recycled Material

1) Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet: The Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet is my current choice of for the best helmet and has been for the past couple of months. I have found that my cranium happens to be a perfect fit for the helmet’s shape. The helmet has been tested to withstand 500 pounds of pressure, one of the highest I’ve seen throughout my research. That knowledge makes me feel comfortable on the road. Additionally, the Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet is perfect for what I use it for; cycling. If you’re a BMX biker, they also have the BMX helmet. I just love how lightweight and durable the helmet is.

2) Netti Pilot Light Helmet: The Netti Pilot Light Helmet is the sister to the Netti Pilot Cycling Helmet. It has the same structural shape, but is about 50% lighter. This helmet is best suited for the petite.

3) DRS Helmet: If you’re a fashionista, the DRS helmet is not only stylish, coming in over 50 colors, but truly engineered for safety. What I like about DRS helmets is the fact that it covers your entire head. Your ears, the back of your neck and most of your forehead is covered in the DRS’s protective shield. Regardless of that amount of cover, you still look great gliding along the streets.

4) Avanti Cycling Helmet: The tapered visor in the front of the Avanti Cycling Helmet makes this an amazing helmet to wear in both sunny and rainy weather. The visor is such a great help when it comes to both shading your eyes, and keeping them dry in drizzle. The helmet is contoured for speed, so this is a great helmet choice for those with a quick paced ride.

5) Inferno Attack Shield Helmet: If you couldn’t guess from the name, this helmet means serious business. The helmet is constructed from a multi-layer cranial protective system, which means inside the helmet there are layers upon layers of materials to protect you. Remarkably, the helmet is one of the most breathable on the market, considering the amount of layers. Believe me, if you’ve got a long ride ahead of you, a breathable helmet might be top on the list of safety purchases!

Be safe and happy riding, everyone!

Shoe Brands that are Enviromentaly Friendly

Over the past five years the importance of environmentally friendly products has become a lot higher on consumers’ priority list. Most of the big brands have now introduced new processes or at least a plan of action to reduce their commercial footprint.

After researching 17 of the top brands I was shocked to discover that over 30 percent haven’t taken any actions. In this article I would like to highlight the top two brands that are taking positive steps to operate a more responsible company.


The Inov-8 team has taken their responsibility to a whole new level that should and could be implemented by other far bigger organizations. If you go to the Inov-8 website you can read its full environment policy, but here is a breakdown.

It’s clear the environment really does matter to Inov-8. The company assessed its footprint by monitoring staff traveling, freight goods, shoe materials, packaging design and finally, its warehouse and offices. After this process was complete the team was able to design a plan of action to reduce the company’s energy consumption.

Practical steps included renewable energy, reduced impact freight, low use of cars, green packaging, better after-sales and reduced material waste and recycling.

If you also examine the range of Inov-8 shoes you will notice the CrossFit shoes are minimalistic. This design or style of shoe is excellent for the environment because the materials can be easily recycled.


One of the big brands that did impress me was Adidas. The German powerhouse makes millions in profit every year so I was pleased to discover that saving the environment was on its to-do list.

Adidas actually went way further than just making a list; it created a whole department for making the company more environmentally friendly! I am sure there are a number of financial benefits to this amount of dedication, but if that’s a motivation starter, I am all for it.

The work this team of employees conducts is impressive. They audit all of the factories around the world on an annual basis, replacing anything that is out of date and “could do better.”

It is understood that entire factory floors have been dismantled and reequipped from scratch to enable savings over a longer time period.

Adidas has recently set out a five-year plan to reduce their environmental impact and even had talks with specialists (Greenpeace) to make the entire process evolve quicker. It’s a big step forward as part of the negotiations involved eliminating chemical processes entirely.

Travelling The Eco Friendly Way

Many of us have travelling as part of our hobbies and interests. And although not all are able to indulge in such hobby, there are still several others who get to enjoy the privilege of travelling, whether locally or internationally. But with this, it should be taken note of that regardless of whether they visit a certain place for a day, a week, a month, a year or more, they will always leave a footprint in the area. It might not be as noticeable as those made by people who actually live there but they still make an impact with which travelers need to be more conscious about. Such awareness is more imperative when speaking about the environment.

With the several natural calamities being experienced by people all over the world, never has environmental consciousness become more significant. With just pollution and global warming, we are already experiencing several adverse effects. What more if we include the other environmental issues we are faced with? This being the case, we need to exert extra effort in taking care of it, travelers included. If you want to learn about some tips on travelling the eco-friendly way, look at my suggestions below.

The Simpler, the Better

You might think that eco-friendly travelling entails extra hassle, you got it the wrong way! Actually, it is the exact opposite because it requires simpler travelling. Eco-aware travelling means that you should travel as light as you could. You should choose means of transportation that have lesser impact to the environment. For instance, if you are required to travel by air, choose one-stop flights or direct flights. As you may very well know, airplanes emit a huge amount of carbon that contributes to the development of global warming. So instead of going to your destination via several air flights, do it in only one go to lessen carbon emission. Once you have reached your destination, see if there are vehicles that are not motorized that you can take advantage of. Could you go to your destination by walking? If yes, do that too! With these ideas, you not only help save the environment, you can also save a couple of bucks! Another tip is to look for lodging areas that are eco-friendly and practice green living strategies or techniques such as the use of renewable energy, non-toxic beddings and cleaning products, recycling facilities and the like. There are some who advertise this fact in their promotions so watch out for those.

You might get overwhelmed at first when you try this type of travelling. But believe me, it is you who will benefit in the end as well as the future generations. If you do not take care of the environment now, you might wake up one day not being able to enjoy the natural resources that we have today. A clean and sustainable environment is a precious thing that needs to be taken care of in order for us to enjoy its benefits. Speaking of precious things, if you are interested in semi precious stones, here is a Site about Gemstones. You might be surprise about the new things you can learn in this site.

Environmentally Friendly Knife Care 

Being environmentally friendly does not happen with a single act.  Rather, it involves living in such a way that you are conscious about your footprint.  As a result, there are countless things that you can do to live in a more responsible way.  From better ways to travel around the world to simple things in your own home, there are always opportunities to improve.

Lets take a moment to examine the benefits of sharpening your knives.  As well as allowing them to last longer before having to be replaced, you can also find environmentally safe techniques to sharpen them.  Lets take a moment to review some of the ways sharpening your knives can help the environment.

The Benefits of Using Natural Sharpening Stones Over Electrical Sharpeners

Natural sharpening stones in all shapes and sizes.  They are what people have used for countless generations stretching back to the first metal tools.  Since then, they have been improved and perfected.  Electrical knife sharpeners on the other hand are newer and less proven.  Depending on the model you purchase (you can explore options here), you run the risk of them breaking down which creates additional garbage.  In addition, you should consider the amount of electricity that an electric knife sharpener will require.  With repeated use, you will increase your home’s electrical consumption on a task that does not require electricity.

Natural Materials

There are a number of industries that cater to natural stone sharpening businesses.  These industries use stone to create a product that is reliable, durable, and all natural.  Instead of plastics, heavy metals in microchips, and parts that will slowly break down, natural stone knife sharpeners are solid, dependable, and long lasting.  You can have a working knife sharpening stone for decades before it gets to the point where it should be replaced.  And, when it comes time to replace your stone knife sharpener, you do not need to place the broken model in the trash.  Rather, because it is a stone, it can simply go in your yard or around your house.  Instead of adding some new trash to the world, you return a reliable tool back to the environment where it came in such a way that it will cause no further damage.  In addition, you have a number of different choices when it comes to where you buy your stones.

It is easy to argue that worrying about knife sharpening is taking your goal towards being environmentally aware too far.  The truth is, that to be environmentally aware and active, you have to work on ensuring that what you buy is the best possible product.  Buying a stone knife sharpener means supporting a company and an industry that is a better alternative to electric knife sharpening companies.  It sends a clear message that more environmentally friendly products will be preferred over those that waste, even if they are more expensive.

Smoking Harms the Environment More than You Know

There are a lot of reasons why smoking can harm the environment and you must be aware of these reasons.

You might think that being a smoker is only harmful to yourself, but not to the environment. You even think that the smoke released from your cigarettes doesn’t necessarily harm the environment. The amount is too small compared with smoke coming from industries and vehicles. If you think about yourself only, then it might be true. However, you also have to consider that there are millions of you out there who smoke. Imagine just how much pollution your combined smoke will make.

The truth about the harms of smoking

You have to understand that there are over 4,000 different chemicals that can be used to create cigarettes. Each time you smoke one, you can release all these chemicals in the atmosphere. In North America alone, 30% of the population are smokers. In other developing countries, the number is even greater. This only means that there is a much bigger amount of pollution released in the air. The worst part is that the trees suffer from air pollution. They are like being suffocated each time you smoke. On a global scale, this is very detrimental.

Aside from air pollution, there are other forms of pollution that could take place because of smoking. Take note that when you smoke, cigarette butts fall on the ground. In California alone, cigarette butts are a huge problem especially when they do a statewide cleanup. Cigarette butts end up in rivers causing clogging and even death of marine life. The others that don’t go straight to the water are absorbed on the ground. Since cigarettes contain tons of chemicals, it might take years for the cigarette butts to decompose. On average, it takes about 25 years.

No to traditional cigarettes

Given all these detrimental effects of cigarettes, it is high time to look for other options. To begin with, you can opt to stop smoking altogether. This might be difficult, but it is possible. A lot of people can attest to that. On the other hand, you might want to shift to e-cigarettes.

They work just like cigarettes, but they don’t contain the actual chemicals present in traditional cigarettes. You are certain that you are not harming the environment in any way because of e-cigs. The base is called e-juice. This contains mainly propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, none of which harms the environment. There are other e-cigs that contain nicotine, but at a very minimal level. This means that you don’t harm the environment in any way even if you smoke regularly. The best part is that you also help yourself along the way. You keep yourself out of those harmful and even deadly chemicals. You also get rid of the bad flavor that comes with smoking as you can choose from many different flavors. You also don’t annoy other people if you smoke in front of them as you are technically not smoking.

If you wish to try out the best vape juice, you can go here. Even if you are a first time user, you will still like it. You can also check out premium e juice at Once you have shifted, you will definitely stop traditional cigarettes forever.

Ways to Maximize the Use of Clean Water at Home or When Traveling

Water is such a precious gift that many of us don’t really appreciate. For those who enjoy plenty of water, they don’t even care whether they use water properly or not. On the other hand, there are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to clean water. Thus, you have the responsibility to save water in whatever way possible. Each time you waste water, you have to think of those millions out there who could have used what you have just wasted. The best thing to do is to  recycle water and make sure that each drop is used properly before throwing it away.

Use a rain barrel

Instead of using tap water to hydrate your plants during dry season, you can just use rain water. It can be collected when there is heavy downpour of rain. However, instead of individually placing buckets outside to catch the rain, you can install a rain barrel. You can put one underneath the gutter’s downspout. This will collect a huge amount of water. The rainwater can be used for the plants or cleaning the backyard.

Use a bucket

Instead of letting the water flow from the shower, you can just use a bucket. This allows you to save more water. When you use the shower, water just keep on flowing and most of them are unused. On the other hand, if you use a bucket, you can control the amount of water that you use. The remaining amount can be used for other purposes. You can also do this even when you are not home. Sometimes, when you know that you have already paid for the facilities in a hotel during travel, you abuse them. However, you have to understand that saving clean water is not just something that you must do at home.

Don’t throw away pasta water

We usually throw away the water where we have just boiled the pasta. Of course, there is no other food that can be cooked out of it. It is not like the water where meat was boiled from as it can still be used. Well, it might not be used again for cooking, but is still perfect for gardening. The same thing is true for water where you have just boiled veggies.

Use deep trays underneath potted plants

Do you see the water coming out of the pots when watering the plants? It becomes wasted. Therefore, to make the most out of it, you have to place trays underneath. By then, you can use the water trapped on the tray for smaller plants.

Don’t keep on buying water

When you are traveling, you might have the habit of buying mineral water and throwing the container away once the water is finished. This is not a good thing. You can just find a refilling station so you don’t throw the plastic container and not waste more water.

Keep your faucet closed when not in use

This is a must. There is no excuse for not doing this. If the faucet is leaking, then have it repaired right away, or replaced if necessary. You can check out new faucets by reading kitchen faucet reviews at You can also visit the best bathroom faucets at this site.

Top Three Places to See on a Trip to Japan

Japan – often called Land of the Rising Sun.  It is a land of rich history, culture and traditions.  There are many beautiful and exotic places to visit in Japan, but we will focus on three that you should not overlook when visiting this country.


This is the one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan because of the many historical sites that have been well preserved.  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has named 15 of these sites as World Heritage sites.  For more than one thousand years, this city was once Japan’s imperial capital ( from 794 to 1868), and has many undamaged temples that tell the story of Japan’s feudal history.  It is often called the City of Ten Thousand Shrines.

The city of Kyoto has 400 Shinto shrines which means “place of the god.”  These shrines were used to house sacred objects and keep them safe.  1600 Buddhist temples are also make up the city of Kyoto, along with gardens and palaces that are still architecturally sound.  Some of the shrines house tombs of emperors.

Fuji Hakone Izu National Park

This area is known for its beautiful rustic spas, hot springs, botanical gardens, lakes, and mountains.  Also located there are the Izu Peninsula, Izu Islands, Fuji Five Lakes, and the famous Mount Fuji.  The park is one of the first four national parks established in Japan.

Mount Fuji is an active stratovolcano which is the highest mountain in Japan, at 12,389 feet.  Its last known eruption was between 1707 and 1708.  The mountain is reverenced by the Japanese and climbers often consider it a rite of passage or ritual to make this pilgrimage.

Owakudani, also called the Great Boiling Valley,  is located in the Hakone area. It is full of active hot springs and sulphur vents.  The way many people gain access to this valley is by hiking a trail or taking the Hakone Ropeway.  The Japanese have a ritual of eating eggs boiled in the hot springs.  The eggs smell slightly like sulphur and they turn black. It is believed that eating these eggs will increase your life by seven years.

These are just a few of the places of interest within the National Park.  There are many more tourist areas around the region.

Mount Koya

This small secluded town is the place to go to experience Shingon Buddhism which is a Buddhist sect.  You can stay overnight at a temple lodging and experience a monk’s lifestyle including how they eat and worship.  There are about 50 temples that provide this service for visitors as well as pilgrims.  There are monasteries and temples and a large ancient cemetery, frequently called “Shangri-la,” deep inside of a mountainside forest.  In this sacred place, you will get a deep sense of Japanese religious traditions and spirituality.

Innovation in Japan

Japan is a beautiful land filled with majestic temples and awesome history!  We have named several of the top places to visit, but there are many more.  Also, take time out to view some of the rice paddies which feature rice paddy art.  This type of art uses various strains of rice plants to make pictures in the fields, and has been around since the 1990s.

Rice is an important staple in the Japanese culture.  Of course, we cannot mention rice without suggesting that you try the well-known Japanese cuisine.  Rice is an important staple in Japan and the Japanese were the first to develop the electric rice cooker also called suihanki.

There is so much to learn about this amazing country!

The new Wax Museum Exhibition in Bahrain

I really enjoy travelling to various parts of the world to see different people and cultures. One of the things that really try to take care of is to not disturb or pollute the new environment I am visiting. One of the biggest pollutants in today’s world is air travel. A round trip trans Atlantic flight creates 2 metric tons of carbon emissions per passenger. I’ve tried to find alternative means to travel, but there isn’t really any other realistic way to cross the Atlantic. Ships take way too long and eventually the carbon footprint per person isn’t that different after weeks of travelling by sea.

I recently traveled to Bahrain to see the the latest wax museum exhibition hosted by the ruler there. I was always fascinated by Royal families and their habits. Living in a democratic nation, the stories about kinds and princesses sounded like fairy tales, so I decided to give them a visit to see for myself. The wax museum show a rich history of their country and the royal family. The King of Bahrain has led the country through a decade of modernization which made the the place look like a jigsaw puzzle of old and new things. One of the things that I found out during my stay was that they have introduced a state of the art recycling program in their country. Every where I went, I saw recycling bins and instructions to citizens to recycle. They even awarded tax credits to people who actively recycled their trash. Its a great idea that that we should adopt in the west as well.

During my second week in Bahrain, the taxi I was travelling in got into a minor accident. The impact of the accident caused a whiplash injury in my lower neck. I went to the hospital to get treatment and got several X-Rays and MRI scans done to get everything checked out. Medical costs in the Middle East are really high and I started thinking about getting financial compensation from the person who hit my car and cause the whiplash injury. After several meetings with various lawyers and doctors, I was able to get all my medical bills taken care of and I decided to start my journey back to the United States.

Once I got back, I started looking at other alternative treatment options that were not available in Bahrain. US has a really advanced chiropractic facilities so I went to see a chiropractor who recommended a chiropractic treatment plan to help resolve my whiplash pain issues. After 3 weeks of continuous treatment, I was finally pain free and could move on with my life.

Even though my visit to Bahrain ended up with an accident, I still enjoyed my time there seeing so many different things.  I am now planning my second trip to the Middle East. I have so heard so many good things about Dubai, so it’s next on my to-visit list.  Dubai is hosting the next annual Eco-Environmental Conference, so I’m looking forward to seeing some like minded people in the region.

Carbon Emissions

Do you ever wonder about your carbon footprint? I know that I do. I do not like flying because I know what damage it is doing. I really do not know many ways to get around without using a car, bus, or plane. If you have a long commute to work. It is impossible to ride a bike. The most common way we travel is by our automobiles. I think that is probably they way 90 percent of the world travels. If you drive everyday. I am here to help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few simple things will help out.

If you drive a diesel engine vehicle that will help. They generally have around 15-20 percent lower carbon emission. In Europe diesel cars are very popular. If you live in the United States finding one is a lot harder. Anyone who can afford a diesel car is actually helping. The only thing is that diesel fuel cost more than gasoline.

Having a hybrid car generally has a 25 percent lower carbon emission. This type of car has a gas and battery motor. When the car is at lower speeds it will use the battery and not gas. These are highly popular now. They also get better gas mileage. So you will pay less at the pump. So you are actually saving money too. I know that most are really small. A lot people worry about their safety. I drive one and a truck hit me at a red light. I was fine and so was the car. I had many Anniston attorneys contact me to make sure. They have many different types of hybrid vehicles. They even have hybrid trucks. So even truck lovers can get a hybrid too. Just remember truck or car you will be safe.

Electric cars are starting to become popular. Having one of these is ideal. They are only in major cities at the moment. Also finding charging stations are scarce. They are growing in popularity though. These are higher end cars. Your average person cannot afford one. They cost a lot of money. I guess it is a small price to pay for a small carbon footprint.

Another gas powered way to go is by motorcycle. They have very small engines. Which means they produce less emissions. They produce less than hybrids too. The only thing is that many people do not like dealing with the elements. So if its hot outside that means your ride will be too. Having a motorcycle you will save money at the pump too. So financially this is the way to go. Because motorbikes cost a lot less than any car.

You can also work from home. If you can then you would not have to leave as often. Which means a smaller carbon footprint. It is possible to have an online career today. I know someone who works with a hosted PBX provider. A lot of their customers work from their home. So I know it can be done.

Choose the Right Destination for an Eco-Friendly Travel

When traveling, the first thing you need to consider is how far you need to go.  There are forms of transportation that have effects on the change in climate. To lessen the bad effects of toxic emissions, it is better to choose a place to travel that is close or any other place that you can go to without taking a plane. Choose places that practice continual development, as these places do not have bad effects on the environment or ecological nature of the place. There are quite a number of travel agencies that are now offering holiday travels that support travel destinations that practice continual development of their local area. Some of these destinations are considered green spots.

Best way to get to your destination

The best way to get to your destination the environment friendly way is to travel by land and not by air. Try not to get into short distance flights. But if you have no other recourse but to fly to your destination, the best choice is to choose a flight that has a bigger occupancy as these are more environmentally efficient.

There are hotels and other accommodations that offer environmentally friendly amenities. Often these accommodations have a ‘green’ way of handling and disposing of waste and garbage. Some of them even use solar power panels that help the venue become energy efficient.

When it comes to water, the water ionizers reviews site has a thorough review of the aqua ionizer deluxe 7 like the one that you can click here. It makes it safe to drink water from the tap.

Whenever you choose an environment-friendly tourist destination to go to, you certainly have the power to make a difference and contribute something good for planet Earth.

Be respectful of the environment

While on walkway, avoid walking on grass and plants and avoid uprooting them. Littering in public, especially in nature inspired tourist destinations is harmful to the ecology. Having a tourist guide who is well-versed on environment issues and is willing to disseminate information to tourists will surely help a lot. Trying to conserve and save as much water as you can will allow you and the people you are with to use more water for other purposes. You can save water by taking showers than soaking in a bath tub or by using an aqua ionizer to be able to drink water from the tap.

Waste disposal management

Flushing of different types of paper products like cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, tampons and also of condoms and other rubberized products will cause clogs in the drain. Try to limit the use of energy emitting appliances like air-conditioning and lights by simply turning them off when leaving your accommodations.

For those people who are into sports and other recreational activities, there are some environment-friendly tourist destinations that offer the epic soccer training program from this site. This training program offers training sessions that do not harm or destroy the environment.

All your drinking bottles can be recycled by returning them where you purchased them so they can be brought to a recycling plant.