Alternatives to Synthetic Weight Loss Pills

Alternatives to Synthetic Weight Loss PillsThere are a lot of synthetic products available these days. Some of them are said to be perfect for weight loss. You can take slimming pills and see the results a lot faster than other traditional means. To begin with, there is really no assurance that you are seeing the results desired. Worse, if you are taking a product that does not have an FDA approval, then you place yourself in danger. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen.

To make things even worse, you need to understand how these products are being manufactured. They contain chemical and other substances that are major causes of pollution. When thrown into the waters, they create irreversible damages. You might say that you are ingesting the product in small quantities only. However, if you continue patronizing it and other people do too, then you give more incentive for this manufacturing company to continues its operation. Therefore, you are in a way, supporting a company that might increase pollution and damage to the environment.


Go for organic products

If you really want to lose weight with the help of food supplement or diet pills, then go for organic products. These products are made from all-natural ingredients. They see to it that you can see the results you needed to see, without damaging the environment. They don’t use harmful chemicals during the process. Thus, you have nothing to worry about. However, just like any other product, you need to be careful in choosing the organic slimming pill. Don’t go for a product that has no FDA approval. You must also read reviews and testimonials to find out if the said product really works. You should also get advice from your physician.


Safe slimming device

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat, then you can check out the trusted brush for cellulite. This device is very easy to use. It also comes in handy. The product has been approved for safe use and is also made from items that don’t damage the environment. Therefore, if you want to achieve your desired results faster, this will be of help. You just have to brush it all over your body. When you are doing nothing or you are just watching TV, you can get the brush and roll it in the affected areas of your body. Once you see the results, you will feel great that you have given it a try. The time it takes to see results might differ in every person. However, you just have to be patient and you will soon see the desired results.


Do your share too

You might want to see the results quickly and so you get help from these products. However, there is really no shortcut when it comes to weight loss. You also have to do your share by working out when you have free time and by watching what you eat. You just need simple techniques that work well for you. With all these strategies combined, you will surely see the best results.

Different Ways to be a Low Impact Traveler

Travelling is an exciting and wonderful thing to experience but it often comes with high expectations of luxurious travel options. It can be a bit challenging to lower your expectations but you don’t have to completely downgrade your experience. It’s just a matter of downgrading your travel impact.

Here are several suggestions to kick things off:

1. Minimizing air travel
Travelling by air is loved by many since it gets us to our target destination swiftly and we get to cover a lot of countries this way. The issue here is, it’s a costly activity in terms greenhouse gas and fuel resource usage. Travelling frequently through such fashion places your frequent flyer miles higher on the eco-footprint scale.

2. Purchasing carbon credits
Offset your current carbon pollution from air travel by purchasing carbon credits (whenever possible). While not everyone believes that these can offer a significant solution to our carbon issues, they symbolize a promising start to becoming effective in shouldering our energy burden.

3. Using public transport
Seek travel options that are efficient and safe to the destination you’re headed to. Using trains will help you soak in the sights, meet locals, and even capture worthwhile snapshots. There are plenty of local transport options as well. These include pedaled vehicles, automated rickshaws, mini-vans, and others.

4. Packing light
Minimizing your load makes it simpler for you to move around. Plus you’ll have less valuables to carry and lesser fuel to spend moving your things around. Keep things on the lighter side; avoid purchasing things that will eventually lead to clutter when you head back.

An exception you can make is by buying handcrafts from locals who depend on this for their daily living. You’re actually making a contribution to their industry. At the same time, you have a few unique items to bring back home.

5. Opting for local destinations
In today’s challenging economic times, you may need to book in advance since budget-conscious travelers are turning to domestic-based options. Walking trails, camp sites, and affordable accommodation may be fully booked in advance, so make preparations to think ahead and begin booking early.

This is something that I talk with my friends quite a bit about. Even though we all love to play paintball, there are not many good local places to play, so we end up driving a few hours just to play. It’s fun every once in a while, but it’s really taxing in terms of time and is bad for the environment. So if you’re picking up a new hobby, make sure to think about the environmental impacts as well. Hat tip to my friend Mark, who runs, for talking with me about this and convincing the group to stay closer to home a bit more often.

6. Proper waste disposal
Always throw garbage in their proper places and avoid trashing the environment. This includes both city and nature trails. It’s always a smart idea to start packing food scraps from any nature destinations. This will prevent any disturbance to any local wildlife feeding patterns.

7. Knowing about any upcoming local activities
Seek for locally-based employment for operators, guides, instructors, and others. Go for those who are doing what they can to provide working opportunities to locals. Make inquiries regarding profit return to local communities if you’re not sure. Ask if they’re involved in locally-based projects such as conservation efforts and youth-training.

With so many travel practices today creating harmful to the environment, low impact travelling concentrates on minimizing a negative impact on the places you’ll be travelling to.

Traveling with my carry-on luggage around the globe

What is the best carry-on luggage

First of all what is the best carry-on luggage? There is no one who can give a straightforward answer to this question. This is so because the best one differs from person to person. It’s not because this bag is the best one for me that it’s also the best one for you. In my case I was looking for one that was good for the environment. So I looked at the best carry-on luggage and picked a very lightweight one. I got the Samsonite wheeled duffel bag as it only weighs a little bit more than 5 pounds. This leaves more room for my stuff which is very important if you’re travelling with only your carry-on bag.

Why I don’t check my bags at the airport

On some of my last tips abroad I had a bad experience when checking in bags. It seems that during baggage handling they throw with luggage. Handle luggage with care is not in their rulebook. The result was that my hard case luggage had dents and the plastic case was even torn open due to this. One time they even lost my luggage during a transit flight. In the end I got it back but it took a couple of days (4 days) before my carry-on luggage was delivered at my travel destination. Luckily I was staying there for 2 weeks at the same location. If I had been traveling from this destination to other spots I would have had to postpone the rest of my trip until I received my checked in bag or just go through with my trip but losing my bag. In some cases when people are going more inwards a country after arriving at the airport it can be quite difficult to receive your lost luggage.

Luggage and the environment

Some people won’t believe this at first but your luggage can have an impact on the environment. How? Well luggage equals weight and it’s this extra weight in an airplane that makes it burn more fuel. It’s as simple as that.

So there’s now a new way of traveling that is gaining popularity very fast. Instead of having 2 bags – a carry-on bag and a checked in bag – people are traveling with only 1 bag. If possible you should only take a carry-on with you.

So what’s the difference in weight? Let’s say instead of everyone checking in with 2 bags they now check in with only 1 bag. This means if you have an average aircraft with 200 seats and the average checked in bag weighs around 35 pounds that the total weight reduction would be 7000 pounds. This would be a big fuel saver and very good for the environment. Maybe it would even lower the price of airline tickets as airlines need to pay less for fuel consumption.

You can also calculate your own ecological footprint during flights here. Let us make sure that more and more people are aware of their ecological footprint and how they can help. For starters you can cut down on the clothes you pack when going on vacation and only use a carry-on luggage for your next trip. It all starts with you!

Traveling Eco-Friendly

The travel industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. With many forms of transportation and a booming economy, it’s no surprise that more people are seeking travel for pleasure, business, and everything in between. The sad part, though, is that with each arrival and departure, a big ecological footprint is left. However, there is no need to fear- all it takes is a few simple changes to make that footprint smaller. Check out these tips to be green and help save the world! You’ll be surprised at just how simple it is to have a better impact on the world.

Pick an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Picking an eco-friendly place to stay is a great way to travel green. Find one that recycles and uses efficient light bulbs and other earth-friendly forms of electricity like solar or hydroelectric power.

Bring a Water Bottle

Plastic bottles create a ton of waste. Bring your own refillable stainless steel water bottles for your drinking pleasure. Plus, they keep water cooler longer.

Natural Sunscreen and Soap

Soap and sunscreen can hurt the environment. Some of the chemicals in them don’t set well with natural environments. Try using a biodegradable version of each one.

Eat Local

The cost of shipping food to high-traveled areas can be high in price, both in currency and in the toll it takes on the earth. Keep it local to support the economy and land.

Use Trash Bins in the Lobby

Every time the maid comes to clean out your hotel room trash, a new plastic bag is disposed. If you keep it empty by bring trash to the lobby trash can, this saves a plastic bag. Using a”Do Not Disturb” sign can help as well. Your towels and bedding don’t need to be washed daily.

Save Power

Turn off the lights and AC/heating when leaving your hotel room. While it’s nice to come back to a perfectly heated or cooled room, the electricity wasted is not worth it. Also, make sure to turn off all the lights at home before you leave home. Unplug appliances, such as your television and microwave, which use power even when turned off.

Shorten Your Shower

Shorting bathing time by even just a minute can save hundreds to thousands of gallons of water each year. Do this at home, as well as during your travels.

Rent Eco-Friendly Cars

If you must rent a car, choose the smallest one or a hybrid to save on gasoline and fumes that are harmful to the environment.

Pest Control

Sometimes when staying in other countries you may encounter a variety of pests, particularly if the culture has different hygiene standards. Sugar ants are among the most common that you will find in hotel rooms and hostels. However, don’t fear, there are natural ways to eliminate sugar ants.

Walk More

If it’s possible, take a bike or walk to more locations when traveling. Tourists waste a ton of gas stopping and going in towns and while sightseeing. Walking helps save bad emissions from being leached into the environment.

Most importantly of all the steps though is to enjoy nature and remind yourself why you are trying to be green in the first place. Our world is an important place and taking in its beauty is an significant aspect of keeping it clean. Remember that traveling the eco-friendly way can be simple and fun. It only takes one person to make a difference.

5 Environmentally Helpful Lessons Learned Travelling Around New Zealand By Bike And Camper Van

Travelling will always have a negative impact on the environment. Whether it is the pollution from a plane or boat or car… In some way there is an effect. But what I want to share with you here is the best ways to decrease your footprint when you are travelling. These are some lessons I learned travelling around New Zealand for 4 weeks by bike and campervan. Enjoy.

1. Wash Van With Pressure Washer

Are you going to be travelling by train or bus or renting your own car? When I was in New Zealand we rented our own campervan. Not only is the campervan where you sleep at night but it also where you cook your food and how you get around from location to location. It truly is a multipurpose machine. For the price of a rental car you get a hotel and a restaurant so you save tons of money while having more convenience. This is a great way to lower your environmental footprint because now you don’t have to use hotel electricity or go to a restaurant to eat their food. Yes, you still have the pollution coming out the tailpipe but it is minimal compared to other alternatives like a big motorhome or the like.

But what happens when you need to wash the car and use precious water? Well, the solution is to use a pressure cleaner because it uses less water and does the clean job faster. Using less water is always good for the environment. Which pressure washer to use? According to pressure washer reviews the best ones for washing your car are the karcher pressure cleaners because they are affordable, portable and reliable. We borrowed one from the gas station to use and finished up the wash in under 5 minutes. It was mostly bugs on the front to clean off.

2. Use Reusable Water Bottle

Have you been to a big city and seen an overflowing garbage of Starbucks cups and empty plastic water bottles? I know I have. To solve this I know always have a reusable sturdy water bottle. I paid $29 for mine because I knew I wanted it to last. If you do the math: you probably go through three 600ml size water bottles a day. And over a 30 day trip that is 90 of those bottles that you would be throwing out. What a waste. Get a reusable water bottle please.

3. Use Reusable Food Containers

The campervan we rented came with a propane cooker which was used to make stir fry style meals. But what did we do with the extra food? We stored it for the next meal in the reusable food containers. We had containers similar to these and found them amazing because we didn’t have to use any glad wrap or foil that would have had to be thrown out latter.

4. Dress Appropriately

Instead of plugging in a heater just throw on a sweater. Pretty self explanatory this one. Electricity will almost always be coming from a power plant instead of a environmentally friendly source so be sure to dress to the weather instead of turning on the heater.

5. Go To Sleep When It Gets Dark

In the same vein as #4 try to avoid using electricity if you don’t need to. Instead of powering up spotlights and lamps when it gets dark why not just go to bed?

So there you have 5 lessons that should help you avoid harming the environment while travelling the world.

Move Away from Chemical Fragrances and Embrace Essential Oils

A Simple Calling for Scent

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the enjoyment I draw from the smells I encounter long the way.

Some people are sight oriented, while others prefer to tune into the sounds of their surroundings. But for me, well… just give me a distinctive smell to indulge in, and I’m yours.

Delightful scents are what make me tick. And though I love them with all my heart, I’m a tad sensitive to strong smells – especially perfumes.

Perhaps this is a result of my overwhelming inclination towards sense stimuli. I sometimes wonder if I was a bloodhound in my past life… Every now and then a scent pulls me in, as if it were an invisible rope, while other times the first whiff can send me running straight for the hills.

I was born and raised in the West. And I do love to return home at times. But the West can be so abrasive to the senses. Everything is right in your face. The sights, the sounds, the smells… It can be overwhelming.

While I can withstand much of what’s coming out of the cultural West, there’s a few things I just can’t bear. One in particular – those cheap, incredibly synthetic and overwhelmingly aromatic colognes and perfumes. There’s that one brand… Axe? Oh my…

How we’ve lost our way – aromatically speaking

Part of the reason I travel abroad is to escape the trappings of the West. But more and more I’m reminded of my oft troubled America as I plant my feet abroad. And in particular, it’s in those instances that I’m accosted with those synthetic scents that my mind is catapulted right back home.

I’m currently in India. And for whatever reason, in this land of Lotus and Sandalwood, I have suddenly begun to encounter men – young and old – bearing that repugnant scent reminiscent of Axe Body Spray.

It’s appalling. Not only to my nose, but to my intellect.

So here I am. Casting my idealist net out on the world wide web in hopes that I can nudge a few people towards the sweet smells of genuine plants and aromatics for their personal perfumes – and to avoid those synthetic chemical laden scent permutations (read: abominations) completely.

A Clear Call for Essential Oils

Essential oils are a fantastic starting point. We’ve evolved as a species with the natural scents of plants. And with modern technology we’re able to distill concentrates of their therapeutic constituents – as well as their tantalizing aromas.

Now, even though I’ve ragged a bit on perfume and cologne wearers – I too dabble in adornment of personal scents.

I often wear Sandalwood while out on the streets. Or if I’m looking to make a professional impression, I use the tanginess of lemon essential oil. There are hundreds of essential oils – and thousands of mixtures -within aromatherapy to choose from.

In future I will dig more into specific scents with you. But today I just wanted to get some things of my chest while I had a few minutes in my rented dwelling here in India.

I wish you the best.

3 Simple Tips To Reduce Your Pollution Output Due To Travel

A global economy has placed enormous pressure on humanity to devise methods of transportation that move people and things from place to place at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, not all costs were considered when implementing these methods of transportation and our environment suffers greatly because of it. Transportation contributes to 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions as reported by the EPA. This is a huge number and is a resultant of cars, trucks, trains, ships, planes and more with the majority of emissions being carbon dioxide from internal combustion engines. Not only has this resulted in air pollution, it has also created more waste which is quickly consuming our landfills. This article will discuss how you can help reduce your impact on the environment when travelling.

The easiest way to go greener when traveling is to utilize methods of public transportation. If everyone were to use trains and buses, the amount of emissions would be greatly reduced. You should always look for ways to avoid driving your own car or truck, or at least travel with others to reduce your impact. There are many local services that can help you find buses or carpools to avoid clogging up our highways which increases the amount of pollution generated from cars, trucks and buses.

Another thing to consider before jumping in your car is the vehicle itself. Modern automobiles are much more fuel efficient and produce less emissions. Not everyone can afford a hybrid or electric car, but hopefully this will soon be available to everyone. There are many efficient cars on the market that are much safer than the larger cars of the past and significantly reduce your impact on the environment from fuel consumption, to emissions to oil disposal. Automobiles like the old muscle cars for sale at CC Classic Cars consume almost five times the amount of fuel in comparison to a modern sedan. If you are looking for an easy way to instantly reduce your impact, start shopping for a more efficient vehicle.

Emissions aren’t the only concern for the environment when traveling. These methods of transportation have increased the speed at which we interact and live daily. This has resulted in our culture evolving into a throwaway society where instead of taking the timing to fix things and simply getting a new one. Even if the old device is not broke, our consumerism makes us want the latest model. This is highly problematic because we are filling our earth with garbage and refuse that will not decompose and is full of harmful chemicals and materials. Recycling needs to become much more accessible and utilized in our society to prevent our earth from literally becoming trashed. If you are looking for a simple example of this, instead of just throwing an old cell phone away you could consider recycling it. I would much rather sell my cell phone to GreenBuyback then have it sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.

In summary, slow down a bit and think about what you are doing. There is more than likely an alternative which can achieve the same goal and reduce your impact on the environment. We need to be doing this every day to leave a cleaner planet for future generations.

Solving Termite Issues in Your Temporary Accommodation

The good thing about my stay in this place is that it is cheap. Even if I have to face termite problems, I still managed.

When we arrange accommodation for a long trip, we always make sure to find the cheapest one available. We do a little sacrifice because it is just temporary anyway. Unless it is a grand vacation, then we can splurge. However, for a business trip that will be for a while, we have to save a lot of money or else our business will lose a lot. One time, I had to deal with an eight-week trip in another place. If we would book a nice hotel, we might have to spend a lot. Thus, we opted for a cheaper guest house. It looked old, but it was good enough. After all, it would be just for eight weeks.

Upon reaching the place, I thought it would be perfect for us. Apparently, it was not. It was really horrible. It looked older than I thought. The walls were dilapidated and the floor was made from wood. Some of the parts looked broken already. It was a nightmare. However, it was not yet the worst part. After a few days of staying, it was when we found out that there were lots of termites hiding on the walls. We all panicked and tried to sweep them away. They just kept on coming back. It was like one of those horror movies where the protagonists were attacked by insects and they ended up dead. Seriously, I thought that was the end of my life.

The dilemma

We had two choices then. We could either stay and face the problem head on or move to another place and spend again. Unfortunately, I signed a document that forced me to stay until the end. If not, I still had to pay the same amount. I also checked other hotels in the area, but they were all fully booked. Of course, we were on a tight budget. We had no choice but to stay. However, we couldn’t face those termites for several weeks more. This was when I decided to hire a company that did termite control. I knew I would have to spend money for this, but it was better than paying two months worth of hotel stay.

The solution

The good thing was that I found a company that catered to termite related problems. The said termite control taught me how to get rid of termite. This was after they did what they had to do. When I learned about their service, I never hesitated to hire them and asked them to immediately kill those insects. The best thing was that they did not just smoke the place, but also told me what to do to prevent them from coming back. I know this sounds crazy, but I have done the owner of the place a really huge favor. I just thought of it as a gift for letting us stay at such an amount. After all, it was a busy and highly developed city. Thus, every place is expensive. Rest assured, I won’t come back there. However, if you ask me if I regretted my decision, I didn’t. I found a way to solve the problem so I know what to do next time.

Making the Trek to Santiago de Compostela Your Life’s Mission

There is a dilemma to modern travel. In order to get away from it all, you have to really go very far. You should visit a place which is far enough that you would no longer care about access to the Internet, or to cable TV, or even a tablet and a phone. However, getting there involves not just a lot of planning and resources, it would also make a big carbon footprint.

The reality is that there is almost no place worth visiting which does not have Internet or WiFi. Those few places worth visiting which don't have WiFi are usually hard to reach, and may not be worth the trouble of getting there.

Suffice it to say, today's intrepid traveler is no longer interested in adventure or even in immersing himself in a foreign culture. A whiff of it would do just fine, for a lot of people. Travelers want the modern comforts of home wherever they go – and sometimes even pack everything to make sure that they have it. Some adventurers have been known to bring an air compressor with them. The best small air compressors are portable and less noisy than industrial ones.

Among those things to do or to visit, which still do not make use of a lot of gas and fuel, there is still the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage can be done on foot or on a bicycle. The routes have been marked by centuries of tradition. You can start walking from the Netherlands, or from the French side of the mountains. This might have more meaning for Catholics, compared to non-Catholics, although there have been instances where non-Catholics have taken the pilgrimage.

A lot shorter, and a lot closer to creature comforts is the walk through the Appalachians. It is a quiet walk in the Appalachian Mountains in what is called the Appalachian trail. This has been used by people for the past two centuries as a way to walk, principally from the south going north. It continues to be used by people who want to find their way, for some soul searching. It has also been used by people who have lost their jobs, and would want a new beginning somehow.

A pilgrimage or a long walk gives a person the time to get lost in thought talking to himself. Or it can be an opportunity to have a different perspective, and discussing with other people you meet along the way. It can go either way, really. Some people would rather walk alongside total strangers, and share ideas. Others would rather walk alone and get their own personal demons time to leave.

The great outdoors also force us to think in terms of what to give back to nature. It forces a person to keep the trash, and be conscientious about rubbish and waste. Bringing an air compressor like the viair 00088 88p portable air compressor isn't such a bad idea if it's really needed. It can be kept in the hotel or serviced apartment for a variety of uses. It can prove useful in a large campsite, too.

The Santiago de Compostela trail is still fresh as it was before. It is no longer undeveloped as it was during the Depression. It is now only underdeveloped. The trail is a throwback to the days before the interstate highway system. It can also be said that it has brought about a lot of writing, in short stories, poetry, and novels.

What the Trail does still provide is a refuge for those who need to go out and get away from the modern world. A month walking the trail can give a different perspective on things for someone who seeks it.

5 Tips To Make Your Commute Greener and Less Stressful

Every day millions of individuals across the globe wake up and face their daily commute to the office. Society is evolving to a point where we are now reducing our carbon footprint caused by this daily activity which is excellent news. This article will provide the top five tips to join in on this trend and reduce your impact on the environment due to daily travel to and from work.

The first and foremost example of traveling smarter is rapidly growing in popularity across major cities. Public transportation significantly reduces the amount of emissions by simultaneously moving multiple people rather than everyone embarking on their own individual journey. Trains and buses are being developed to be much more environmentally friendly utilizing electric and natural gas options which are much more efficient than other methods of transportation. There are many agencies such as APTA which provides great information about how public transportation is helping to heal the earth. You can visit any local agency to discover the best method of public transit to help you get to and from work in a greener fashion.

If you happen to live outside of a metro area without any access to useful public transportation, then you will of course need to find a method of your own. This will of course be some sort of motorized vehicle, most likely an automobile. Some people choose to use scooters or motorcycles as they consume less fuel and more environmentally friendly, but they are too much of a safety risk for me. The best options for a car would be a completely electric car such as the Tesla. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on gas, it will also save on repairs. Electric motors are much less maintenance when compared to an internal combustion engine and as you can see at Auto Service Costs, car repair is expensive.

Another option for getting around town would be to use a bicycle or go for a walk. Of course this might take a little extra time, but it will be good for both you and the earth. Getting a little exercise never hurt anyone, and if it requires not watching that TV show at night, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for you.
Some companies are kind enough to offer telecommuting options or you could consider starting your own business doing something you are familiar with. All you really need is a website to get started, and if you aren’t technical you can reach out to a company like Bairkan for WordPress support which makes getting a professional website easy.

Not everyone has these options though if they need to travel a long distance for their job. Whether these are long trips to the office, or trips to client’s sites, mileage can really add up. This is a great scenario for trying to find other people in your area that travel in a similar direction and can set up a carpool. This will save you money and reduce the amount of pollution produced by half, which is a significant amount if millions of people choose to do this instead. Keep in mind that you will also now have access to the HOV lanes which reduce traffic and congestion which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.