5 Tips To Make Your Commute Greener and Less Stressful

Every day millions of individuals across the globe wake up and face their daily commute to the office. Society is evolving to a point where we are now reducing our carbon footprint caused by this daily activity which is excellent news. This article will provide the top five tips to join in on this trend and reduce your impact on the environment due to daily travel to and from work.

The first and foremost example of traveling smarter is rapidly growing in popularity across major cities. Public transportation significantly reduces the amount of emissions by simultaneously moving multiple people rather than everyone embarking on their own individual journey. Trains and buses are being developed to be much more environmentally friendly utilizing electric and natural gas options which are much more efficient than other methods of transportation. There are many agencies such as APTA which provides great information about how public transportation is helping to heal the earth. You can visit any local agency to discover the best method of public transit to help you get to and from work in a greener fashion.

If you happen to live outside of a metro area without any access to useful public transportation, then you will of course need to find a method of your own. This will of course be some sort of motorized vehicle, most likely an automobile. Some people choose to use scooters or motorcycles as they consume less fuel and more environmentally friendly, but they are too much of a safety risk for me. The best options for a car would be a completely electric car such as the Tesla. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on gas, it will also save on repairs. Electric motors are much less maintenance when compared to an internal combustion engine and as you can see at Auto Service Costs, car repair is expensive.

Another option for getting around town would be to use a bicycle or go for a walk. Of course this might take a little extra time, but it will be good for both you and the earth. Getting a little exercise never hurt anyone, and if it requires not watching that TV show at night, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for you.
Some companies are kind enough to offer telecommuting options or you could consider starting your own business doing something you are familiar with. All you really need is a website to get started, and if you aren’t technical you can reach out to a company like Bairkan for WordPress support which makes getting a professional website easy.

Not everyone has these options though if they need to travel a long distance for their job. Whether these are long trips to the office, or trips to client’s sites, mileage can really add up. This is a great scenario for trying to find other people in your area that travel in a similar direction and can set up a carpool. This will save you money and reduce the amount of pollution produced by half, which is a significant amount if millions of people choose to do this instead. Keep in mind that you will also now have access to the HOV lanes which reduce traffic and congestion which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.