5 Environmentally Helpful Lessons Learned Travelling Around New Zealand By Bike And Camper Van

Travelling will always have a negative impact on the environment. Whether it is the pollution from a plane or boat or car… In some way there is an effect. But what I want to share with you here is the best ways to decrease your footprint when you are travelling. These are some lessons I learned travelling around New Zealand for 4 weeks by bike and campervan. Enjoy.

1. Wash Van With Pressure Washer

Are you going to be travelling by train or bus or renting your own car? When I was in New Zealand we rented our own campervan. Not only is the campervan where you sleep at night but it also where you cook your food and how you get around from location to location. It truly is a multipurpose machine. For the price of a rental car you get a hotel and a restaurant so you save tons of money while having more convenience. This is a great way to lower your environmental footprint because now you don’t have to use hotel electricity or go to a restaurant to eat their food. Yes, you still have the pollution coming out the tailpipe but it is minimal compared to other alternatives like a big motorhome or the like.

But what happens when you need to wash the car and use precious water? Well, the solution is to use a pressure cleaner because it uses less water and does the clean job faster. Using less water is always good for the environment. Which pressure washer to use? According to pressure washer reviews the best ones for washing your car are the karcher pressure cleaners because they are affordable, portable and reliable. We borrowed one from the gas station to use and finished up the wash in under 5 minutes. It was mostly bugs on the front to clean off.

2. Use Reusable Water Bottle

Have you been to a big city and seen an overflowing garbage of Starbucks cups and empty plastic water bottles? I know I have. To solve this I know always have a reusable sturdy water bottle. I paid $29 for mine because I knew I wanted it to last. If you do the math: you probably go through three 600ml size water bottles a day. And over a 30 day trip that is 90 of those bottles that you would be throwing out. What a waste. Get a reusable water bottle please.

3. Use Reusable Food Containers

The campervan we rented came with a propane cooker which was used to make stir fry style meals. But what did we do with the extra food? We stored it for the next meal in the reusable food containers. We had containers similar to these and found them amazing because we didn’t have to use any glad wrap or foil that would have had to be thrown out latter.

4. Dress Appropriately

Instead of plugging in a heater just throw on a sweater. Pretty self explanatory this one. Electricity will almost always be coming from a power plant instead of a environmentally friendly source so be sure to dress to the weather instead of turning on the heater.

5. Go To Sleep When It Gets Dark

In the same vein as #4 try to avoid using electricity if you don’t need to. Instead of powering up spotlights and lamps when it gets dark why not just go to bed?

So there you have 5 lessons that should help you avoid harming the environment while travelling the world.