3 Simple Tips To Reduce Your Pollution Output Due To Travel

A global economy has placed enormous pressure on humanity to devise methods of transportation that move people and things from place to place at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, not all costs were considered when implementing these methods of transportation and our environment suffers greatly because of it. Transportation contributes to 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions as reported by the EPA. This is a huge number and is a resultant of cars, trucks, trains, ships, planes and more with the majority of emissions being carbon dioxide from internal combustion engines. Not only has this resulted in air pollution, it has also created more waste which is quickly consuming our landfills. This article will discuss how you can help reduce your impact on the environment when travelling.

The easiest way to go greener when traveling is to utilize methods of public transportation. If everyone were to use trains and buses, the amount of emissions would be greatly reduced. You should always look for ways to avoid driving your own car or truck, or at least travel with others to reduce your impact. There are many local services that can help you find buses or carpools to avoid clogging up our highways which increases the amount of pollution generated from cars, trucks and buses.

Another thing to consider before jumping in your car is the vehicle itself. Modern automobiles are much more fuel efficient and produce less emissions. Not everyone can afford a hybrid or electric car, but hopefully this will soon be available to everyone. There are many efficient cars on the market that are much safer than the larger cars of the past and significantly reduce your impact on the environment from fuel consumption, to emissions to oil disposal. Automobiles like the old muscle cars for sale at CC Classic Cars consume almost five times the amount of fuel in comparison to a modern sedan. If you are looking for an easy way to instantly reduce your impact, start shopping for a more efficient vehicle.

Emissions aren’t the only concern for the environment when traveling. These methods of transportation have increased the speed at which we interact and live daily. This has resulted in our culture evolving into a throwaway society where instead of taking the timing to fix things and simply getting a new one. Even if the old device is not broke, our consumerism makes us want the latest model. This is highly problematic because we are filling our earth with garbage and refuse that will not decompose and is full of harmful chemicals and materials. Recycling needs to become much more accessible and utilized in our society to prevent our earth from literally becoming trashed. If you are looking for a simple example of this, instead of just throwing an old cell phone away you could consider recycling it. I would much rather sell my cell phone to GreenBuyback then have it sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.

In summary, slow down a bit and think about what you are doing. There is more than likely an alternative which can achieve the same goal and reduce your impact on the environment. We need to be doing this every day to leave a cleaner planet for future generations.