Why You Should Be Fit In Today’s World

Halfway during a set in the gym did you ever wonder why you were lifting those heavy weights- or why you were running around without really going anywhere? Exercise is vitally important to the human body and perhaps if you learned why, it could help push you through that final set.


Think of the core muscles in your body as the strong, central link in a chain that connects your upper and lower body, and when you hit that tennis ball or mop the floor at home, all those little motions either originate in your core or move through it. It doesn’t matter where the motion originates; it ripples upward and downward to all the adjoining links in this complex chain, and therefore, a weak or inflexible core not only makes you vulnerable to injury, it can also impair your day-to-day functionality.

A strong core enhances balance and stability, preventing common accidents such as falls during sporting activity. Let’s look at the importance of sustaining a strong core and how it affects your normal activities:


Daily Activities

When you bend to put your shoes on or scoop up your luggage, or when you turn to look behind you when sitting in a chair, you rely on the strength of your core to move with strength, stability and grace. The moment you get out of shape, all these simple tasks become difficult and painful, thus affecting the quality of life.


On-the-job Tasks

If your job involves heavy lifting, a lot of twisting or standing, then your muscles have to be in good shape. Less involving tasks such as sitting at your desk also engage your core, but perhaps not as intensely. Individuals who sit for long hours while typing on a computer also require regular workouts to engage more of their muscles and keep their core strong; and failure to do this can lead to stiffness, which tends to affect the back. Practice good posture and make sure to take breaks.


Sporting Activity

Tennis, swimming, hiking, kayaking, baseball, etc., all these activities are powered by a strong core, and that’s why professional athletes spend so much time in the gym. Even less mentioned activities such as golfing also require regular exercise in order to enhance strength and flexibility.



Activities such as vacuuming, mopping and dusting involve a lot of bending, lifting and carrying, and all these activities either originate or move through the core. Whenever your body gets out of shape even the simplest housework can become exhausting- which again, can be rectified by taking time to keep in shape. Regular exercises are enough to exert your muscles and have them working at their peak; and regular day-to-day activities can be used to keep the body healthy.


A Healthy Back

Back pain can be debilitating and sometimes extremely painful, but the good news is regular core exercises can be used to promote a healthy back. If back pain strikes, try a regimen of core exercises and visit a doctor. Medication works best when coupled with therapy or some type of core exercise.

Weak, unbalanced core muscles can undermine your ability to perform even the simplest tasks, but regular exercise can empower you and have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. Find a way to keep fit and see the difference it makes in your life.

The Best Places On Earth

We live on an extraordinary planet, and taking the time in life to travel to the best places on Earth should be something that you make a priority. Deciding upon what places on Earth to visit will depend upon your particular interests. Not everyone loves big cities, and not everyone is a nature lover. If you want your travels around the Earth the be meaningful you need to make a list of what your interests are, and then decide the best places to visit.


Regardless of what your interests are there are some places that everyone should try to see at some point in their lives. The idea of making a bucket list might seem a little morbid, but it doesn’t have to be. You can treat it as a to do list, and list out all of the places you would like to see. The following list is meant as a guide that can help you to consider some of the places on Earth that you should visit.

1. The Grand Canyon. One of the great wonders of the natural world, photographs simply do not do the Grand Canyon justice. It’s enormous and majestic, and situated in norther Arizona it also boasts clean fresh air. Taking the time to walk around the rim of the canyon can be breathtaking, but going down a trail to the bottom of the canyon is a much more unique experience.

2. New York City. New York City is the exact opposite of the Grand Canyon. It is an urban metropolis that is often considered to be the greatest city in the world. New York City boasts an iconic skyline, as well as attractions that are sure to entertain anyone.

3. The Pyramids of Egypt. The Pyramids of Egypt are a wonder of the ancient world, and a testament to what mankind can accomplish using simple intelligence and hard work.

4. Any of the island paradises of the South Pacific. If you want to relax and get away from it all, there are few places on Earth that can match the atmosphere and natural beauty of the South Pacific. Featuring friendly natives, tropical weather, and unmatched natural scenery, everyone needs to spend some time in the South Pacific.

5. Alaska. Alaska is one of many cold weather environments on Earth, but it is the one that is quite possibly the most stunning to visit. The outdoor scenery is simply a marvel to behold. The landscape features mountains covered in year round ice and snow, and also an abundance of wildlife.

6. Yellowstone National Park. Home of old faithful, Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest outdoor areas on Earth. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then this stunning park should be at the top of your to visit list.

7. The African Savannah. Many people who go to Africa will tell you that it feels like going home. Africa is one of the last truly wild places on Earth that you can visit. You can book a safari tour and spend time visiting and seeing some of the most thrilling wildlife on Earth.

Importance of Education on Fracking

The increasing demand of banning fracking on our earth has compelled several institutions to research about public opinion in this regard. It has been proved through various surveys that despite of the increasing use of this process most of the people are little or not familiar with this term. Even those who know about it are unable to express their views in support or against it. Before discussing the importance of educating people about fracking you should have brief information about this concept.

What is fracking?


This is a process which is used to break rocks deep into the ground for extracting oil and natural gas from them. it is also known as hydraulic fracturing of the rocks. Most of the oil and natural gas companies involved in extraction of oil and gas from the rocks lying deep under the ground use this method. They drill deep wells in the ground to inject lots of toxic fluid including sand, harsh chemicals and water at extremely high pressure to fracture the rocks to extract oil and gas from them.

Reason of opposing this process

Fracking, the process of breaking underground rocks for the extraction of oil and natural gas is facing opposition from various social sectors as it is supposed to be dangerous for mankind. According to them it can contaminate not only the underground water but also the air you breathe in. it is also dangerous for your health as it accelerates the change in climate. But even after so many incidents of spills and accidents and oppositions due to fracking, it has been exempted from main environmental laws.

Reasons of considering fracking dangerous

This process is considered dangerous because right from drilling well to transfer of wastes it increases the risk to your health as well as water you drink. The growing risk of damages caused by fracking can be obvious through the following evidences.


The contamination of water near fracking sites has made people living near by seriously ill. The tap water of some of these areas catches fire due to higher amount of methane in the water.Though the chemicals used by oil and gas companies in fracking process is not known precisely but it is assumed that they may contain carcinogens and endocrine disruptors which can be harmful for mankind. Leakage of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from fracking sites also contributes in frequent climatic changes.Along with all these facts it can be harmful for the water you drink, air you breathe in and your general health in various other manners.


But despite so much opposition fracking process is used by the oil and natural gas industry to meet up the increasing demand of oil and gas all over the world and reducing stock of these natural resources.


So it becomes important to educate people about the pros and cons of fracking process so that oil and natural gas can be extracted from the deeply underlying rocks. Federal government and big corporations involved in extracting the natural resources are also contributing in taking care of the people living in these areas.